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"Bicycling advocates know Mia Birk as one of the most important figures in America's urban biking renaissance. And now she has produced a witty, poignant and often funny memoir detailing how she persuaded politicians, city bureaucrats and average citizens that bikes are a perfectly sensible form of transportation. You don't need to ever mount a bike yourself to appreciate this story, which is really for anyone who ever wanted to understand how to make things happen in a modern American city, suburb or small town."

--Jeff Mapes, author of Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities

"The world's climate change problems can be affected by forward-thinking leaders like Mia Birk. The story she tells in Joyride is one for the ages, and is a story of transformational change that anyone in any field can appreciate. Her painstaking research of European bicycle transportation solutions and daring application to Portland OR and other cities offer lessons for all us. The German Marshall Fund has been proud to support her work."

--Ellen Pope, Director, Comparative Domestic Policy
    The German Marshall Fund of the United States


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