Joyride: Giving Back – A Round-Up from 2010

I started the Joyride adventure determined to give back as much as possible to the groups who are leading the charge toward a more livable, bikeable, walkable, sustainable future. Thanks to all of you, at both a national and local level. In the end, I was able to give back close to 100% of the Joyride proceeds to the following groups:

Joyride tells the story of the Portland's Community Cycling Center and we are proud to support the CCC with Joyride proceeds. The Community Cycling Center, founded in 1994, broadens access to bicycling and its benefits through our hands-on programs, volunteer projects, and neighborhood bike shop.

I only wish it could have been more for each group. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of Joyride and especially to those who shared comments, feedback, and your own stories. Keep them coming! You can always reach me at

Happy 2011 everyone – I hope to see you at a future Joyride event!

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