Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet tells the dramatic and enlightening behind-the-scenes story of how a group of determined visionaries transformed Portland into a cycling mecca and inspired the nation.

Through a panoply of hilarious and poignant stories, Birk takes readers on a 20-year rollercoaster journey of global and local discovery and education, while bringing into sharp focus some of the planet's most pressing and hotly debated energy and transportation issues, policies, shortcomings, and solutions.

"Read Joyride, lived and loved every confrontation and success!"
James Holden, Franklin PA

"Joyride has had a profound impact on my life."
Gari George, Newport, RI

"Our discussion with you has given our group the get up and go we've needed for quite some time."
Lori Moholt-Phillips
Moses Lake Parks and Recreation

See Mia's insightful interview with Momentum Magazine.

Mia is a regular columnist for Momentum Magazine. Enjoy two of her recent columns:
The Mistake of Ticketing Cyclists
The Big Idea.

Mia is now an Adviser to the Post Carbon Institute!

Watch Mia's speech at Simon Frasier University, Vancouver BC.

Clips from Mia's Cornell speech.

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The Joyride continues, as Mia travels the country spreading the message of hope and health:

"Mia knocked it out of the park. She brought the right tone, mix, and personality to the various events throughout the day and folks were universally impressed with her style and content."

–Bob Ferris, Executive Director
   RE Sources for Sustainable Communities
   Bellingham, WA

What readers are saying

I have to say, I really loved Joyride. It adds an iterative history and grittiness to what you went through in Portland, which makes bike-friendly infrastructure an easier sell here in TX. When I explain that Portland "wasn't always this way", I can now cite some of your challenges and solutions. Your book gives great perspective on just quite how hard you fought for Portland's infrastructure. It's just starting here, and I hope it will pay off big time in 10-20 years.
-- Howard Draper, Denton TX

Joyride will be in E-book form coming early March.
Now available on Amazon and at New Seasons!
Joyride also available through many bike shops that carry TREK. Portlanders, stop by any Bike Gallery location, River City Bicycles, Clever Cycles, Queen Bee Creations, Portland Pedal Tours, Powell's Books, or just send Mia a note and she will be sure to get you a copy. Thanks everyone!


Great reads from Joyride.


Joyride proceeds support non-profit groups engaged in creating active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities.

Praise for Joyride

"Anyone interested in the future of our communities is going to appreciate Mia Birk's personal account of how we transformed Portland, OR, into the standard for bicycle-friendly cities – and subsequent odyssey in spreading the benefits of bicycling to communities throughout North America."

The Honorable Earl Blumenauer, Member of Congress, a.k.a. the Johnny Appleseed of Livability

"Mia Birk's presentation at Cornell University set a new high bar for effectively combining inspiring storytelling, compelling research and useful, practical knowledge."

Tom Knipe, Director of Moving Forward: 2010 Cornell/Ithaca Active Transportation Symposium.

“Mia Birk a tireless go-getter who’s driven by her passion for sustainability. There are some people who love bikes. Mia loves what bicycling does for a city. She loves the impact that accommodating bicycles has on a neighborhood, a city and the way people live in it.”

Catherine Ciarlo, Transportation Director, Office of Mayor Sam Adams, Portland, OR and former director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance

"The creation of a bicycle-friendly Portland helped spur a $100 million local bicycle industry, bringing 1500 green, sustainable jobs. Take note: bicycling isn't just good for your health and community, it's good for the economy. Mia Birk's delightful Joyride is one you all want to go on."

Jay Graves, President, National Bike Dealers Association

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Mia's Appearance

Mia is available for lectures and events. To inquire about fees and availability, contact: joyride@miabirk.com

Montana/Idaho ASLA Conference

Mia will be the keynote speaker

Luncheon March 25
RSVP to Darlene at darlene.tussing@gmail.com or 460.860.6121

RiverStone Health, 123 So. 27th St., Billings MT

Toronto Complete Streets Forum

April 28-29

Register here

Boise, ID.

May 19th
Details to come

Union College, Schenectady NY

Mia will be speaking as part of a series on Oil.

May 25th, 2011

Dinner 5:30pm; talk 7pm

Post-lecture reception with attendees

Ft. Collins CO

June 10-11


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